Collaboration and Sundials

If collaboration really is not in your agenda – I dare to doubt that – it should be, in a way. Why? That’s not really what this post is about, but let’s get segwayed for a minute.

Pick the one key word that is flying around in any conversation about how the World will be able to create the wealth necessary to support our way of life: Innovation, more specifically Open Innovation. Innovation comes from the combination of ideas leading to something new. Something seemingly simple like, let’s say, a sundial was pretty innovative way back. Think of it: a tree casts its shadow on the ground. The direction of the shadow is an indication of where the sun is. The sun’s position is an indication of the time of day and even of the time of year. The number and the quality of combined ideas that are materialized in a simple sundial is dazzling. I invite you to have a look at photos of sundials here. Ideas stacked on ideas, from different backgrounds and cultures.  After many centuries people ended up creating something like the Sundial Bridge in redding, Ca.

There is no way for us to find out how the first sundial looked like and what it was made of. It is safe to say though, that the first person to create one has not thought of creating something like the Sundial Bridge or like the Equatorial Sundial. Those are the results of many  ideas and growing insight applied to existing creations. Innovation, if you ask me…..

If you look at the bridge, it is a combination of pretty wild ideas. If someone came to you and told you he had the great idea to build a bridge attached to a gigantic sundial…?  People have been locked up for far lessand still, the bridge is there. Ideas combined with ideas, dreams on top of reality, crossroads between function, beauty, technological power and a will to go forward.

Over centuries people have collaborated to create the Sundial Bridge. They’ve looked at what was there and were probably amazed when they imagined the potential, the value of their insight. And most of all: they released fearlessly their dreaming power, their power to realize their dreams and ideas wild as those may have seemed at the time.

Let’s have the courage to unleash our innovative spirit. Let’s be bold in forming alliances. Let’s find the confidence in ourselves and the trust in others to collaborate and innovate. Let’s look further than the competition measured by results. Let’s measure value by intrisic measures too.


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